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ITS RELEASE DAY! Penny For Your Sins is HERE! Oh Yeahhh!

We are unbelievably proud of this album and overwhelmed at the feedback so far.. Thank you all so much for your love and support.

Massive thanks to Dan Lucas at The Joplin House for making the album sound fantastic!

Huge thanks also to Art of The Exile for making the album look fantastic!

Reviews so far:

'Singer Vixx has such an immediately identifiable voice. Coupled with Baz’s fluid soloing and driving riffs, they combine to produce a distinctive and highly contagious sound which has been crisply captured by Dan Lucas’ sharp production. A hugely enjoyable album throughout and one that makes you want to experience its contents brought to life on stage' Sophie James MetalTalk

‘A wealth of creativity, from the eerie and demure lyrics to the punch drunk riffs and hollering vocals.’

5/5 stars Diane Davies MMH - The Home Of Rock Radio

"...I loved their debut album, it was my in car favourite, but damn 'Penny For Your Sins' has taken the band to a whole new level..a musical force to be reckoned with..." Sammi Quinn @Voodooradio

Please download and stream the hell out of it!

(Please note: if you are buying from Amazon music, please press the 'buy from the band' button instead of the Amazon button as the latter only links to the single.. Thank you x)


Review By JaceMedia

Whore No More - A rasping guitar riff comes hurtling towards us as a melodic vocal with a real strong edgy vibe is bursting to greet us.


 There is a fantastic deep plundering bass line that delivers a funking groove that flows effortlessly through the mid section as this pounding rocker comes to life with a cool shredding riff that just makes you feel alive with this awesome strong solid vocal that is with us.


Snare drum punches are filling the air as the deep bass drum kicks work well with a cymbal smash that brings the rhythm section to our attention. The rocking groove is a full on fist pumping gritty power packed rock track that offers an insight into sleaze rock with a pounding rhythm section and killer bass lines.

We are super happy to announce our next single 'Burn it Down' is due for release on Fri March 25th alongside a spooky new video  It would be so awesome if you could get us to number one in The Amazon download charts again Please stick the date in your diaries, we can't wait for you to hear it! Big loves xxxxxxxx

Artwork: Demon girl 'Inferno' by Anna Marine
Background and lettering Steve Rankin.
#Blackroze #BurnitDown

— feeling excited.


Click on this  and it will take you to all the links you need to stream or download our latest single out now 

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